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In the current economic climate, it makes sense to repair where possible and avoid the unnecessary expense of buying new. Bags & Things are happy to replace zips, buckles, straps or webbing on your bags or effect repairs to prolong the useful life of an item. Don't throw away your favourite bag until you've spoken to us first – we may be able to save it!

We will always let you know first if an item is beyond economic repair. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements.


Bags & Things has been making bag and webbing products for commercial customers for over 18 years. Many of our bags are in use by airlines such as easyJet, Virgin, BA and Flybe, as well as many others.

To us there is no such thing as a ‘standard bag’. We will look at your requirement and, if necessary, come up with a new design to achieve exactly what you need in terms of purpose, style, colour and type of material to achieve strength with lightness.

Find our more about our commercial services.


Sometimes it's difficult to find a manufacturer who will do exactly what you want, discuss the details of the project and then become involved in the design and eventual success of the project.

Bags & Things has a successful track record in bringing ideas to fruition and working with the customer along the way to ensure complete satisfaction. We can make items in small quantities if required, and will always provide a free quotation for you to consider.

You can rely on us to make a quality product at a reasonable price. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

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